Check your Heartbeat Datastores

Check your Heartbeat Datastores

As I was working through my VCAP5-DCA studies, I was at the point where I had to mask a LUN. I typically don’t perform this function on my hosts in my enterprise environment, but rather, let my storage admins look after those details.

But I am working on my home lab and this is a requirement for the DCA exam, so I was all in. I was at the point where I had to reclaim the device and the following error appeared.

LUN Mask

I was puzzled at first thinking that nothing is actually using this device in my home lab – but it turns out I was wrong. I gave it some thought and since I had HA running, is it possible that this device is being used as a heartbeat datastore.

The answer was YES

Heartbeat Datastore

I removed the datastore-LUNMASK as one of the heartbeat datastores, ran through my procedure and it work! I hope this helps other folks that may run into this situation.

Let me know on Twitter if you ever ran into this situation and if how you solved it.

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