New App – VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

New App – VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

Just wanted to let folks know that there are a number of VMware apps in the iTunes and Android app stores. One in particular that has just come out is the VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist, which allows you to monitor virtual machines in your vSphere infrastructure remotely on your phone.

Here is a snippet from the VMware vSphere Blog on features


Easily Create VM Watchlists

Select a subset of VMs from your VMware vSphere VM inventory to tell the app what VMs to track. Use multiple lists to organize these important VMs.

VMs at a Glance

Review the status of these VMs from your device including: their state, health, console and related objects.

Suggested KB Aritcles

Got an alert on your VM? Let VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist suggest what KB Articles might help you or search the web to gather more information.

Remediate Remotely

Use power operations to remediate many situations remotely from your device.

Delegate To Your Team

For those situations where you are not able to fix an issue from the device, VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist will enable you to share the VM and alert information along with any suggested KB articles and other web pages relevant to the current problem. Your colleagues back in the datacenter can use this context to resolve the issue.

Download your copy today iTunes, Android or visit the VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist Community. Enjoy

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