AWS WorkSpaces on iPad – DaaS

AWS WorkSpaces on iPad – DaaS

Having installed AWS WorkSpaces on my Mac, I decided to try it out on my iPAD. I have a iPad Air, and the first step is to download and install the AWS WorkSpaces iPad client, which is found in the app store. Of course, if your an android user, you can also download the client from the Google play store. If your an android user, I would love to hear about your experience with the client, add your comments below.

Once downloaded and installed, when you launch the app, you are prompted to add your registration code – you received this in an email from Amazon WorkSpaces and it’s the same one you used to configure your desktop client.

Once that is accepted, you are prompted to login to your desktop.

Once logged in, you are given a quick tutorial on using the touch features and best to utilize them.

When you swipe from the left, a radial button appears which provides you with quick access to features and help.

With all that out of the way, you can start using your Windows 7 desktop on your tablet device. In my case I am using OpenOffice and it seems to work just fine.

Things to keep in Mind

A few things to keep in mind when using your virtual desktop for the system administrator. These are taken from the AWS WorkSpaces FAQ.

Q: Does WorkSpaces pricing include bandwidth costs?

The monthly subscription includes the streaming bandwidth between the user’s client and a WorkSpace. Web traffic from the user’s WorkSpaces (accessing public Internet, downloading files etc.) will be charged separately as AWS outbound bandwidth on your bill.

Q: What is the maximum network latency recommended while accessing a Workspace?

While the remoting protocol has a maximum round trip latency recommendation of 250 ms, the best user experience will be achieved at less than 100 ms.

Q: Does the WorkSpaces service have maintenance windows?

Yes. The current maintenance window is a four hour period from 0000 – 0400 (this time window will be based on the time zone of the AWS region where your WorkSpaces are located) each Sunday morning. During this time your WorkSpaces may not be available. The maintenance window is currently not configurable.

Overall, the experience on the iPad is good and the client is very responsive. I was using my iPad at a Starbucks and the experience was pretty good over the wifi. I played a few Youtube videos and the sound was fine.

Let me know if there is anything you would like me to test out for you, so far so good!

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