Awesome Work on the vDM30in30 Challenge Folks!

Awesome Work on the vDM30in30 Challenge Folks!

Just wanted to take a moment and congratulate the community on participating in the 30 Blogs in 30 days. You folks put out great content over the last 30 days and I know at times it was hard, but you did it. It was also awesome to see the broad range of content, it just goes to show how diverse the community is.

I would also like to call out Jonathan Frappier (blog \ Twitter), who I think, you would agree, just crushed it with with a personal goal of 60 posts in 30 days. WOW, well done and I think you deserve a break.

I hope this exercise in writing continues for most of you. I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring, and the stellar content that you folks will produce.

Well done everyone!

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the featured image I used on this post. As we approach winter, I thought I would leave you with something to keep many of you folks warm! … I saw that smile!

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