I often hear the following questions:

  • What’s cloud-native?
  • Where do the servers go in a serverless environment?
  • Why do I need containers in my data center – I don’t have the room?
  • I’m a sysadmin, do I need to become an infrastructure software engineer?
  • Is it a composable infrastructure or compostable?

I hope you got a chuckle from those questions.

My name is Angelo Luciani, and I run communities over at the rocket ship Nutanix. I have the privilege of connecting with people from all over the world and sharing their stories and experiences.

I’ll be writing about topics that I’m familiar with and exploring ideas that are new to me, as the state of the IT industry changes and as we move from traditional to hybrid cloud-based models. As you can see from the questions above, I have a lot of learning ahead of me.

The Influence Marketing Council also lists me as one of The Top 50 Overall VMware Influencers.

I hope to have a dialogue on this blog and help each other as we navigate this new IT landscape.

Community inspired

My promise to you – I want to encourage you in the sense that you can do more than you think. We can all use a little help, and working together we can achieve more.

I always tell people “Don’t be shy” and ping me if they need to talk, sometimes it’s that second set of eyes that can help accelerate your growth and get you closer to a goal.

I've always believed that "community" is an extended family. It's all about encouraging one another and sharing in others' success.

Look around the blog, if you find something that interests you consider sharing or commenting on social media, and I'll see you online or at a conference!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog.